Jupiter’s cogitations

Based on interviews recorded in Burkina Faso, the series gives the floor to the populations expressing themselves on international politics, religion, the economy, the environment… thus bringing an offbeat light on universal themes. Jupiter is a documentary filmmaker and sound engineer from Burkina Faso. Jupiter, a nickname tinged with derision, has followed him ever since he started making micro-trotters. Who else but the God of Gods could hear what was really going on in people's heads? In this series, echoing his own cogitations, Jupiter goes to meet his compatriots and enters their heads to capture their thoughts.
Sodré Moumouni Jupiter et Sébastien Godard
Sodré Moumouni Jupiter
Sébastien Godard
Série de 13 épisodes de 6 minutes en animation 2D
Komadoli Studio

Fond d’Aide à l’Innovation du CNC, Région Pays de la Loire, résidence d’écriture de la NEF en l’Abbaye de Fontevraud, résidence d’écriture de Ciclic.